Heartsong Yoga Center

YinYoga Gentle...In Studio "Great Room"
with Steve

September 18 (Monday)
at 5:45 pm

Class length
60 minutes

In Studio Great Room

Bring your own yoga mat....
Note:  We do have props to share at the studio, but feel free to bring your own blanket, a pillow or cushion (a bed pillow or throw cushion, or both) to use as props during class.  Some people use yoga blocks too.

Yin Yoga is a very gentle style of yoga, using longer passively held postures to work the deep connective tissues of the body; the tendons, the ligaments and cartilage; areas that do not stretch like muscle; areas that are difficult to reach and open. These previously inaccessible areas are opened allowing prana or chi (life force) to flow freely resulting in a more supple and flexible body. Yin yoga encourages you to slow down, to pay attention and deepen the awareness between mind and body. It is truly a wonderful compliment all practices and styles of yoga, particularly the "yang" or more vigorous practices. The stillness of Yin practice helps to balance our energy and can invite meditative reflection, and it's a fabulous balance for the more vigorous practices or a demanding lifestyle.

We call this class chill out, stretchy, yummy, happy, peaceful, light and bright. But to be honest, sometimes these longer holding can be very challenging, if not physically, then mentally as we learn to slow down!

This class is Hybrid, join us In Studio or Zoom Livestream from home. (pre register for the class you want!)


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