Heartsong Yoga Center

Reiki & Crystal Immersion to Honor Your Inner Light
with Shannon Bates

October 3 (Tuesday)
at 7:15 pm

Class length
75 minutes

In Studio Great Room

When was the last time you noticed your self, thanked your self, honored your self? 
This class is an offering of Sacred Time to travel inward and to reset and recharge with the intention of honoring your inner light.  Pause and allow yourself to be immersed in the healing energies of Reiki (a Japanese energetic healing modality), crystals and light work.  Shannon will activate each participant to a crystal grid while you relax on the ground, getting cozy in whatever position you are more comfortable. She will then offer the healing and relaxing energy of Reiki and lead you through a guided visualization to connect with your inner light to clear and recharge your energy centers.

Shannon Bates is an RMT (Reiki Master Teacher) and is certified as a crystal practitioner (CCP) and advanced crystal master (ACM) through the nationally accredited Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy. She also holds certification in Chakra Balancing work and is currently studying Earth Medicine work.  She has been a member of the Heartsong community for many decades and we are honored to share her work with our community.


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